General Map of Spain.

General Map of SpainAutonomous Communities and Provinces.

Map of Spain’s 17 Communities.

Map of Spain from Wikimedia, outlining the 17 Autonomous Communities. Provinces and provincial capitals are indicated within each community e.g Málaga (in Andalucía) is the capital of the province of Málaga.

From upper left to right:

Galicia: capital  Santiago                                         Asturias: capital Oviedo
Cantabria:  capital Santander                                  Euskera (Basque Lands): capital Vitoria
Navarra: capital Pamplona                                      Aragon: capital Zaragoza
Cataluña: capital Barcelona                                     Castilla-León: capital Valladolid
La Rioja: capital Logrono                                         Madrid: capital Madrid (also capital of Spain)
Extremadura: capital Mérida                                    Castilla La Mancha: capital Toledo
Valencia: capital Valencia                                        Andalucía: capital Sevilla
Murcia: capital Murcia                                              Balearic  Islands: capital Palma de Mallorca
Canary Islands: joint capitals: Las Palmas
de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife
(the autonomous parliament meets in Santa Cruz).

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General map of Spain.



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